May 29, 2018

Dandiya Nights


"DANDIYA" is also called as a "DANDIYA RAAS" it is a traditional dance of Gujarat & Rajasthan, it is featured dance of Navratri nights all over India.

Dandia is performed in a grouping, by the two people. The unique element of the move is the bright clothing worn by the artists and the brilliant, flawlessly embellished bamboo sticks conveyed by them. It is consequently the move is additionally called the 'Stick Dance'.

The entertainers hold sticks in both their hands and strike them together on the beats of the melodic instruments. Dandiya Ras includes a colossal number of individuals so per move setting, two circles are shaped by the artists. One of the circles spins clockwise, while alternate rotates hostile to clockwise.

The move is an exceptionally enthusiastic and quick-paced action, which leaves no degree for laziness. It's a significant affair to see several individuals influencing the beats of people music. The festivals begin after the execution of the custom of 'Aarti', though another moving frame Garba is performed before it.